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Since 1897, Minasian Rug Company has been a world-class purveyor of handmade antique, vintage and fine new rugs and carpets from its headquarters on Chicagoís beautiful North Shore. Hand cleaning, repair and restoration of Orientals (both antique and modern) is available on-site. Our Textile Arts department also offers conservation and mounting of fine textiles.

Armen and Carnig Minasian are proud to continue the traditions of quality, selection and customer service that are the hallmarks of their third generation family business. The Minasian team has decades of experience working with interior design professionals, corporate consultants and private individuals who are in search of the finest antique or contemporary rugs and carpets. Whether itís a custom installation for a private jet, a palace size antique carpet for a governorís residence or an accent rug for your family room, we are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our clients.


One of Minasian's Previous Exhibitions




This exhibition is a rich sampling of the multitude of Indonesian cultures and traditions, from indigenous tribal sarongs, ikats and sacred ritual cloths to the highly stylized batiks of the Javanese court.

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